Complete Course - Group Registration

Complete Course - Group Registration

This course contains a comprehensive training material to the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA).

E-Certificate Issued Upon Completion

The following topics are included:

  1. AMLA: Key Concepts
  2. AMLA: 2018 Implementing Rules and Regulations
  3. AMLA: Guidelines on Digitization of Customer Records
  4. AMLA: Guidelines on Identifying Beneficial Ownership
  5. AMLA: Updated AML Rules and Regulations
  6. AMLA: Money Laundering/Terrorist Financing Risk Assessment System
  7. AMLA: Rules of Procedure in Administrative Cases

Purchase this if you are buying for your organization, and want to select the number of licenses that you need. As the buyer, you will be able to manage the users for all of your licenses.

₱2,800 per user per year


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