New Product: Foundation Course

Now Introducing Our NEW Foundation AML/CFT Online Course!

This is an AML/CFT course that serves as a foundational understanding of AML/CFT that focuses on AML/CFT regulations. We recommend this course for new staff and front-line staff.

To learn more about the Foundation Course and the Complete Course, please see our comparison chart below:

Module Title

Foundation Course

(Basic Bundle)

Complete Course

1. AML/CFT – Key Concepts

2. AMLA: 2018 Implementing Rules and Regulations

3. AMLA: Guidelines on Digitization of Customer Records


4. AMLA: Guidelines for Identifying Beneficial Ownership


5. AMLA: Updated AML Rules and Regulations (Vol. 1 & 2)

6. AMLA: AML Risk Rating System


7. AMLA: Rules of Procedure in Administrative Cases


Recommended For:

New Staff, Front-Line Staff

Compliance Office Staff, Internal Audit Staff, Officers, Senior Management, Directors, Stockholders


  • Receive e-Certificate upon completion

  • Convenient access on mobile phone or laptop

  • Engaging and interactive Anti-Money Laundering e-learning experience (videos and activities included)

  • Online banking deposit options, GCASH, ATM Payment, Over-the-Counter Payments available through Dragonpay

For corporate bulk enrollment inquiries, e-mail us at

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