New Product: Detecting Forged IDs and Documents Course

Our ‘Detecting Forged IDs and Documents’ Online Course is now live!

Action taken in the first few hours and days after the discovery of fraud can significantly impact the course and outcome of an investigation. This is why it is vital to recognize the differences between fake identification documents and genuine documentation. Although it is not necessary for you to become a document expert, it is important to know how to recognize suspicious documents and take the necessary steps to avoid accepting unauthorized customers and transactions.

This course will give you the basic steps to verify customer details – whether in-person or with the use of technology - and at the same time enable you to meet various statutory obligations. You will also learn key concepts like identity and due diligence.o learn more about the Foundation Course and the Complete Course, please see our comparison chart below:

Recommended for individuals and organizations that handle customer identity and document verification

Course Run-Time: 60 minutes (has a bookmarking feature that saves your last progress automatically when online)

  • Receive an e-Certificate upon completion
  • Convenient access on mobile phone, laptop, and other mobile devices
  • Engaging and interactive e-learning experience (videos and activities included)
  • Flexible payment options available through Dragonpay

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