AML/CFT Foundation Course (Version 2021.04)

‣ Estimated duration: 3.1 hours

Version 2021.04 This course contains the foundation modules of AML/CFT which includes: AML Key Concepts, 2018 Implementing Rules and Regulations, and Parts 1 and 2 of the Updated AML Rules and Regulations

This course contains the foundation modules of AML/CFT which includes:

  • AMLA: Key Concepts
  • AMLA: 2018 Implementing Rules and Regulations
  • AMLA: Updated AML Rules and Regulations

The 2021 version includes updates on:

  • AMLC Regulatory Issuances (ARI) A, B, C No. 1 to 5, Series of 2020
  • Targeted Financial Transactions (Targeted Asset Freeze and Prohibition against Dealing)
  • AMLC Resolution Nos. TF-25 and 26, Series of 2020 (Freeze order to implement TFS against those under the UNSC Consolidated List)
  • The Anti-Terror Act of 2020
  • The amended RA 11521 signed last January 2021

For more information on the modules, Read more - Course modules

  • Foundation Course - Single User Registration

    Choose this if you are an individual purchasing a course for yourself only. You will get the full AML course and all the modules. Upon successfully completing the course, you will gain your accredited certificate.



    Read more - AML Single User Foundational Training

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  • Foundation Course Group Registration

    If you are ordering on behalf of your organization and need to register multiple users into a course.

    With the multi-user version, you are purchasing licenses for your team. When you log in, you will be able to manage the licenses yourself, registering users one by one, or by using a spreadsheet to upload the details for all the required accounts.

    Your users will be notified automatically by email when you create their accounts, and will be able to log in and access the AML course with all of the modules.

    Read more - AML Multi-User Foundation Training

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