AML/CFT Complete Course (Version 2024.01)
‣ est. duration: 5 hours
This full course will provide you with the complete Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA) training, and will help you understand that AMLA is not just a law to be followed but it is also established to protect you.
AML/CFT Foundation Course (Version 2024.01)
‣ est. duration: 3 hours
This shorter course will provide you with the foundation modules of AML/CFT which includes: AML Key Concepts, 2018 Implementing Rules and Regulations, and Parts 1 and 2 of the Updated AML Rules and Regulations
AML/CFT Essentials for Real Estate Module
‣ est. duration: 60 minutes
This module’s contents are particularly curated with practical AML/CFT key concepts for real estate brokers and developers to maximize their capabilities in addressing money laundering and terrorist financing threats in their businesses.
Detecting Forged IDs and Documents (DFID) Module
‣ est. duration: 45 minutes
In this overview module, you will discover the steps to verify customer details, whether in person or with the use of technology, and at the same time enable you to meet various statutory obligations. You will also learn key concepts like identity and due diligence.  
AML/CFT Casino IRR Module
‣ est. duration: 60 minutes
Learn about R.A. No. 10927 and Casino Implementing Rules & Regulations (CIRR) through several featured rules, carefully selected based on their significance and impact on covered persons.


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