About Us

The AML Immersive e-Learning Module Series is provided by Framedia, a Philippine-based e-Learning company established in 2010, and all content is fully accredited by the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC). Framedia was the first Filipino company to achieve this standard (2019) and has the accreditation number: EP-0001. 
The distribution of AML training is managed exclusively for Framedia by Immersive Learning Systems Inc (ILSI).
ILSI is a Philippine-based company providing LMS services and is owned and operated by the directors of Framedia.

This series was developed to help AML-covered persons comply with the government-mandated AMLA training with ease.

The AML Immersive e-Learning Module Series is a practical and effective way of training the workforce without overwhelming effort and training costs. Each course is carefully packaged together in a way that it is relevant to one industry or one type of business. This way, the needs of each covered person to learn related topics will be met without having people sit through a chunk of irrelevant information.

We believe that an effective learning initiative should be a rich and positive experience, not only interactive but also inspired. 

Framedia aspires to deliver quality e-Learning solutions and services by maintaining excellence and by focusing on building sustained relationships with clients.

This is only the start of a bright and inspiring e-Learning future with us!

Disclaimer: Neither Framedia nor ILSI are in any way related to the AMLC and its officers and staff, nor are the officers and staff beneficiaries of any fee or payments that Framedia or ILSI may collect as a result of availing the online training facility.

Last modified: Thursday, 13 July 2023, 11:56 AM